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The Queen's Knights
The Queen's Knights
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The Queen's Knights

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Rebel Lust Taboo Book 2

Her reign will come at a price.

Still reeling in the aftermath of sexual assault, Dr. Gwen Brennan struggles with feelings of powerlessness—until she joins the Whitewood Club’s masquerade night. There she reigns supreme, and it is only by her grace that anyone is allowed to touch her.

When a mysterious masked man steals her heart, she’s left with a choice: does she take a chance on forging a new relationship, or does she retreat into the arms of her stalwart bodyguard?

Can she have both?

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Wonderful chemistry

A very entertaining story that flowed well, keeping me engaged from the first page to the last. Gwen, Percy and Lance have wonderful chemistry together, as they navigate a relationship with shifting dynamics. Each character brings nuance to the story, each of them having issues that give depth to the book. I liked them as individuals, and as a sexy, loving partnership. I look forward to more stories from Whitewood Club

Delicious throuple, must read

What a phenomenal and captivating story. I absolutely adore this trio and I could not put them out of my mind way after I finished the book. Gwen was an empowering and benevolent Domme. She was a fresh take on a more emotional Domme. I always feel a bit bruised when I read the hardcore discipline dominants stories. Lance was the sweet swirl in this throuple with his almost innocent curiosity that drives the sexual tone in the story. Percy was my favorite of the three. His demisexual character was a delicious treat and his possessive and protective traits were the cherry to my Ophelia Bell sundae.

Jeanne Mead

Taking control of how she works through a devasting traumatic experience, Gwen is slowly staring to heal with the help of Percy, her bodyguard/P.A./confident and a surprise defender Lance.
What should seem complicated actually isn't and the three become like minded in finding a menacing individual that hurt Gwen.
Intense revelations are revealed when all involved realize that to love you have to trust and the truth is freeing.
I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book.

Gentle Domme/male subs, contemporary romance

4.5 stars. Gwen, the female lead, is a professor who was sexually assaulted in her office several months ago. With police not doing much and feeling unsafe, she was encouraged to take a domme’s role as an outlet at the Whitewood club. Percy, one male lead, was assigned as her bodyguard and they’ve been close ever since. One masquerade night, Lance, the second male lead, sneaks into the club and is thrilled to be selected to service the Queen, though shocked when Percy is offered to service him. Then Gwen and Percy are shocked a couple of days later when his identity is revealed after other students hurt him. Now they need to work out if they can make a relationship happen…

This story is tri POV, well written and edited, and contains my favourite sort of Domme - one who is gentle but definitely in control and not into humiliation, shame, or degradation. I enjoyed Gwen’s growing self-confidence. I appreciated how Lance was the trigger for a deeper relationship between Percy and Gwen, as well as instigating his own involvement in the triad. I enjoyed Percy’s kinks (and learned a couple of new words for myself) and Lance’s enthusiasm. Whilst ménage is not my favourite, this was very well written and I enjoyed the relationship and character development, as well as the integration of secondary characters. I haven’t read others in this series but feel it genuinely stands alone. Honestly, I wish it had been longer. Great story with a really satisfying ending, though with some trigger points for some people.

I received a complimentary copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review.

So Spicy! I Love It!

A very spicy story. This is a mmf and does have some darker material that is about a past event. I loved how each of the three main characters evolves and overcomes their pasts. The Whitewood Club seems to have a way of helping those who enter. But it isn’t just any club and the heat inside there is skyrocketing. A safe place to explore the kinks you may have but only a select few are allowed in. The story also focuses most of the time on the life outside the club. And our three main characters will have to face reality and the problems it brings.