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Sleeping Dragons Omnibus
Sleeping Dragons Omnibus
Sleeping Dragons Omnibus
Sleeping Dragons Omnibus
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Sleeping Dragons Omnibus

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An ancient temple. Seven explorers. And eight dragons to rule them all.

When Erika and her team of archaeologists break the seal on the temple they’ve been hunting, they unwittingly take the first step in a series of rituals designed to revive the long-sleeping denizens inside. Now, with every breath they take, they inhale air steeped in dragon magic—and perfumed with otherworldly, irresistible desire.

Erika wants nothing more than to prove she’s still in control. But when she sets her sights on the figure she is meant to awaken—a red dragon bound in the form of a beautiful man frozen in jade—her resolve is truly put to the test.

And that’s when the ambitious, pent-up expedition leader begins to think: Maybe losing control wouldn’t be so bad, after all …


Includes all six books of the Sleeping Dragons series in one volume:

Book 1: Animus
Book 2: Tabula Rasa
Book 3: Gemini
Book 4: Shadows
Book 5: Nexus
Book 6: Ascend

Customer Reviews

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Sarah Bailey
Fantastic sexy series

Read sleeping dragons first then rising dragons

Book one
This is the start off all the dragon series Ophelia Bell writes and even though I’ve read the series backwards I still enjoyed the first awakening of the incredibly horny dragons.
If you not into very open sexuality and a lot of sex and male on male actions then definitely wouldn’t be the book for you but if your exploring in RH and other possibilities the Ophelia Bell is a great place to start.
Book 2
Wow this book is sooo hot and pretty much made up of a whole lot of sex. So Erika eben and kris enter dragon chamber and realise they need to give them there ‘nirvana’ to wake them up.
So as you can imagine a lot of sex and not much dialogue so if this offends you I’d skip it but you’d be missing out.
Book 3
So Dimitri has opened the twin dragon room with Aurik and Aurin in it and is suppose to pick one dragon but when time to choose came he picked booth.
Very hot sexy scenes and really sad story of Dimitri losing his twin Alex which is in Rising Dragon series as well. Definitely check out after Sleeping Dragons
Book 4
Hallie has many secrets especially about the fact she’s not doing a PhD or a student of any kind but running from a distressing past.
Kol is the keeper of the temple which means he’s been looking after all the sleeping dragons for five centuries.
Kol is a darker dragon and has a upsetting past too so you can tell they hit it off straight away.
More story in this one and less sex but great as always
Book 5
Ok this was just a massive orgy really. Kris has finally come into play and is no longer a virgin and finally met Issa. Kris has also found out that The Queen is his sister. Finally onto Corey and The Queen
Book 6
Corey finally comes into play with him been defiant about dragons and rituals he took some convincing from Kris to meet the Queen Racha.
I like that they didn’t just jump straight into sex and have a orgy like the other but Racha gave Corey a choice and got to know each other more.
Great series but MUST BE READ FIRST