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Rising Dragons Omnibus
Rising Dragons Omnibus
Rising Dragons Omnibus
Rising Dragons Omnibus
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Rising Dragons Omnibus

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The Dragons Have Risen

After five centuries of slumber, the dragons have only one thing on their minds. They want more than desire … more than lust. They want love … and connection.

And the survival of the next generation.

Each story in this epic collection follows the journey of a dragon and their chosen mate (or mates) as they fight to uncover ancient secrets, find the lost piece of a powerful artifact, and hunt for a missing dragon princess, all the while getting closer to the Dragon Council who are the only ones capable of changing outdated immortal laws and ensure their race’s survival.

Can the dragons overcome centuries of being out of touch with the human race … or will they doom themselves to extinction?

Books included in this collection:
Breath of Night: Rising Dragons Book One
Breath of Destiny: Rising Dragons Book Two
Breath of Memory: Rising Dragons Book Three
Breath of Innocence: Rising Dragons Book Four
Breath of Desire: Rising Dragons Book Five
Breath of Love: Rising Dragons Book Six
Breath of Flame & Shadow: Rising Dragons Book Seven
Breath of Fate: Rising Dragons Book Eight

Customer Reviews

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Sarah Bailey

Rising Dragons omnibus 0.5 to 7

Ophelia Bell is fantastic. Theses books have such a great back story and with the future of dragons at risk and there incredibly sensual sexy relationships with not just mf but mmf mmm or ffm. There are no boundaries in her books

Book 0.5
This is book 0.5 of the Rising Dragon series by Ophelia Bell.
Rowan sit in her usual club trying to find her next conquest but meets Rafe a dark sexy man with a panty melting accent. This book is incredibly short but so intense you are so gutted when it finishes.
The book finishes on a cliffhanger that make you want to desperately buy next book in series. The narrator was fantastic especially swapping accents between the two male characters. Looking forward to reading Rafe and Rown HEA hopefully in series
Book two of Rising Dragons by Ophelia Bell narrated by Elizabeth Maxwell. Book two jumps right into its story without much background so do read blurb before hand. Erica is a archaeologist and while at a find discovers a resting place of dragons and wakes them up. Geva has been asleep for centuries and is woken by a beautiful lady that he can't stop thinking about. These book are generally short hot and incredibly sexy. If you don't like multiple partners or H/H action then this my not be for you but you will be missing out of a fantastic dragon story. The narrator is incredibly talented and is lovely to listen to. Especially good at swapping accents easily. The only reason it didn't get 5 ⭐️ is because I absolutely hate cliffhangers but because I love this writer I will carry on reading/listening. Can't wait for more
Book 2
I had mixed feelings about this one especially with Jill who left Corey for his current lover father. Seem to work it's self out but now desperately want to know who Corey and Queen aris try to convince council to open mating and pregnancy to humans Would I recommend to a friend Absolutely, the world that Ophelia Bell has created is complex but so satisfying to read. If you like GoT with the graphic world and mature relationships between not just fm but also mmf or even mmmf then this is the book for you
Book 3
Narrator Elizabeth Maxwell.
Book three carry’s on with the search for missing artefact that will give the new generation of awakened dragons a upper hand.
Camille, Roka and Eben was settled in their relationship but something unsettled them and strain is starting to show. Which is more the focus of this book and even though not completely sorted you are satisfied with the conclusion.
I love that Rafe is finally back in story even though very small part and hopefully we get his HEA soon as he’s been my favourite from start.
The narrator Elizabeth Maxwell deserves awards for her performances of each character. She has amazing talent and keeps you right in middle of story with her fantastic voice. My only reason for 4 stars and not 5 is the cliffhangers feeling at the end I absolutely hate them but Ophelia Bell is a very rare author that keeps me hooked and dying to know what happens next. If you love hot sexy dragon shifter books then look no further then Ophelia Bell.
Book 4
Wow this is a crazy whirlwind romance between four people.
Immortal Twin golden dragons have fallen in love with Dimitri a human but the dragon council says Aurik needs to mate a human and produce children. Aurik and Dimitri think of everything to get out of this problem but just before Aurik flys off to a monastery leaving his twin and the man he’s lived to start a long happy mated life Thea comes back into Dimitri life. They were once lovers and happily in a threesome with Dimitri brother Alex before he died now Thea is meeting up with Dimitri about a research project or so she thinks but Dimitri hope she sparks a sexy golden dragon into mating.
There’s a lot of sex between all couples but not between the twins directly which makes the whole relationship even more complicated and interesting. Absolutely love this narrator as well I wasn’t sure because it a different narrator to previous in series but actually really like her voice and her accents for each character. Loving this series can’t wait for more.
Book 5
Erika still searching for missing artefact but Kol and Hallie are involved in mix now.
Short but incredibly sexy. Some might feel to too much sex for such a short book but thankfully with omnibus you just carry on into next.
Book 6
OMG I’ve waited sooo long to find out what happen to Rowan and Rafe.
Rowan is a newly awaken red dragon that is Rafe’s mate but because of a misunderstanding and Rafe not been truthful Rowan ran away from him.
Thank god we finally find out what happen but I think this could easily have been a nice full length book.
Absolutely love Ophelia Bell and all her dragon series
Book 7
Massive changes happen in this book to do with Dragon council having control over the dragons mating and children.
Nice to see all characters together in this book but would have love...