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Dragon Betrayed

Dragon Betrayed

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Immortal Dragons Prequel

Every dark secret has an origin.

Every villain was once a hero in someone’s eyes. Nikhil was that hero to immortal dragon, Belah. The immortal blue dragon was a goddess to him and the most powerful creature he'd ever known, yet she needed something that only he could provide a woman so powerful.

Only Nikhil was strong enough to give her what she wanted most—bondage, pain, humiliation, and pleasure combined—whatever she desired to let her feel mortal, to relieve the burden of ultimate power from her, if only temporarily.

She needed him to take her to those dark places where pain and pleasure melded, and the sadistic military commander needed to take her there. He was too perfect for her, with his vicious mind and fearless heart. He gave her everything she asked for and more. But they were from different worlds and her world required a sacrifice she wasn’t willing to give.

Fate requires balance, and takes it regardless.

This is not a love story. This is how one woman’s reckless love and one man’s obsession might become the downfall of the entire dragon race. Sometimes Fate doesn’t like happy endings. But every unhappy ending can be a new beginning, and a chance at redemption.